We rely on the 12 Steps as the foundation of our program.  Most people try to "work" the steps, one at a time, as the path to recovery.  

Attending meetings is also considered an imperative part of the program.  At meetings, we can share our thoughts, feelings, and struggles, gain support and fellowship, and keep accountable.  Keep coming back!  It works if you work it.

Unlike some recovery programs, which define sobriety as complete abstinence from the addictive element, SAA encourages each person to define their own sobriety using the concept of the three circles.  We define Outer Circle behaviors which are healthy activities that help us grow and support our recovery.  Middle Circle behaviors are "slippery ground" which should be avoided, and often lead to acting out, but they do not compromise our sobriety.  Anything we put in our Inner Circle is considered sexually addictive acting out for us.  Everyone's inner circle is unique.  Abstaining from inner circle behaviors is what defines our sobriety as sex addicts.

Developing a relationship with someone else in the program as our "Sponsor" can really help our recovery.  Our sponsor can work with us one-on-one, outside of meetings, to hear more of our story, guide our step work, and help define our circles.

SAA pamphlets and books, especially our basic text, Sex Addicts Anonymous (3rd ed.), also known as the "Green Book", are an invaluable source of wisdom and encouragement for us.  Many pamphlets are free at meetings and the Green Book can be purchased at meetings or here.

There is hope!  The program tells us what to expect, if we work it. As described in our fellowship text, Sex Addicts Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous offers a spiritual solution to the disease of sexual addiction. Every aspect of our program is founded on the experience of a Power greater than ourselves, helping us to lead healthy and productive lives, free of addictive sexual behavior. With time, and continued abstinence from our inner-circle behaviors, we have found that the desire to act out becomes less intense and less frequent.  The sense of compulsion is lifted from us — we now have a choice. We also experience relief from the obsession with sex, and we are grateful to be free of a craving that we thought would never leave us." (pg. 62) 

"The Twelve Steps of SAA lead to a spiritual awakening. If we remain abstinent and practice the principles of the program in our lives, we may find our attitudes towards our sexuality and our ways of experiencing sex changing as well." (pg.71)

"The promise of recovery is a restoration of self.  Sexuality is a part of who we are, a part that became lost and distorted through our addiction. When we reclaim the possibility of healthier sexuality, we regain a vital aspect of our being.” (pg. 72-73) Sex Addicts Anonymous, 3rd ed., © ISO of SAA